Review: Lightforce 215 Driving Lights (4.5 out of 5)


I think just about anyone who owns a Jeep Wrangler will offer you pretty much the same opinion of its headlights – they are pretty poor!  As a very regular long-distance night driver, lighting is really important to me.  We have a regular 350km drive (700km round trip) once or twice a month, usually in the evening/night.  The Jeep’s headlights (low beam) are fine for me while driving at night around town but once out in the country really fall short of what is needed.  High beam is even worse – much worse – it is woeful.  This makes a good set of driving lights an absolute necessity, especially since much of our long-distance commute is through kangaroo territory.  The number of kangaroos on this drive is staggering, but other animals and animal strikes (wombats and even deer) are quite common too.

Having previously owned (and been very happy with) Lightforce halogen driving lights I was quite comfortable buying Lightforce again.  After much research and reading of reviews I settled on Lightforce 215 LED driving lights.  I purchased a driving/spot combination as that is what I have used on a number of different sets of lights now and find it to be a good combination.  I have to say these things are bright – really bright.  The colour is very white, a much cooler colour than the warmish halogen lights that I am used to but it really lights up the road and its surrounds.

While the area that the lights do light up is extremely well lit up the LEDs seem to lack a bit of the distance that I am used to (however I knew that would be the case so was expecting it) but the area lit up is still quite substantial and turning them off and reverting back to the headlights is like going back into darkness.  I am not able to do measurements of lumens at specific distances and can only offer an opinion but they are impressive.

I think a complete solution for the type of driving that I do would need to include HID driving lights but lacking those, I am more than happy with the 215s.  On the Jeep they look a bit big and only just fit into the bull bar but after having used them many times now I couldn’t have settled for lights with any less output and am very glad I selected them.

The only negative I have is that one of the clear filters has started to discolour a bit.  If this didn’t happen I would have given the lights 5 out of 5 rather than 4.5 out of 5.  Just on that though, I contacted Lightforce and they immediately offered to replace the filter so their service is 5 out of 5, brilliant.

Overall I am very happy with these lights and would have no hesitation in recommending them.


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